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Dr. Rick Voyles

Dr. Richard Voyles has a broad-based knowledge in the area of conflict resolution techniques, mediation, negotiation, as well as business and leadership development.  He travels internationally training people in the areas of prejudice reduction, cross-cultural communication, conflict management, management & leadership skills.  A Registered Neutral with the State of Georgia since 1993 he does Magistrate court, Federal workplace, divorce, special education, juvenile and corporate cases.  He is a published author and a highly sought after speaker and coach across the United States.

Dr. Rick Voyles is a highly sought after advisor, speaker and trainer in the areas of Conflict Management and Organizational Performance.  He travels internationally, developing tactical plans for cost saving strategies, increased productivity and conflict management for both corporate and federal communities.  He is often called on to facilitate interventions for high risk situations.

  • Dr. Rick Voyles is a registered Neutral with the State of Georgia
  • Has 25 years of mediation experience
  • Is an approved mediation trainer for the State of Georgia
  • Is an approved mediation trainer for the State of Flordia

Dr. Voyles’ credits include program design for Conflict Resolution Academy’s certification for Conflict Managers with a focus on Workplace and Human Resource issues.  He also designed the Performance Documentation Instrument, used to promote a collaborative review on Pay For Performance employee reviews.   Considered an expert in conflict resolution and negotiation skills, he has designed and taught online courses for Masters Degree programs in various colleges across the nation.

Dr. Voyles is an approved provider/trainer in the court mediation programs in Georgia and Florida, as well as a contractor for mediation services with the Federal Government.  His expertise in both the state and federal mediation programs makes him the Educator of Choice for the dispute resolution processes.


  • Registered Neutral with the State of Georgia
  • 25 years of Mediation Experience
  • Approved Mediation Trainer for the State of Georgia
  • Approved Mediation Trainer for the State of Florida
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Business Disputes
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Ph.D.        Emory University


  • Certified Business Coach: Professional Development USA, 2014
  • Elder Care Mediation: Conflict Resolution Academy, 2008
  • Domestic Violence Mediation: Susan Raines, Ph.D., 2008
  • Certified Arbitrator: Decision Management Associates, Inc, 2006
  • Certified Anger Management Specialist (CAMS): High Impact Training, 2004
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile Instructor: Management Development Institute, 2003
  • EEO Investigator: Conflict Resolution Academy, 2003
  • Criminal Mediation: Cobb County Court, Atlanta, 2003
  • Transformative Mediation: Folger/Bush Training, 1998
  • Special Education Mediation: Justice Center of Atlanta, 1995
  • Federal Work Place Disputes Mediation: Justice Center of Atlanta, 1995
  • Divorce and Custody Mediation: American Arbitration Assoc., 1994
  • Civil and Criminal Mediation: Justice Center of Atlanta, 1993