Very professional staff at all times.  Rebecca made role-playing seem so real and Rick taught me the true meaning of conflict, and I thought I knew what it was before this class and I did not!  Thank you Rick.

Dr. Geneva Edwards

This training was very informative and more over presented in a manner to understand the “why” of the use of certain process/procedures which make the application and practice of what I learned easy to use and own as my accepted way of conducting mediations.


I was able to take a lot more away from this class than I expected.  The principles and methods Dr. Voyles utilize provided me with all the tools I need to be an effective mediator.

Terrell Thomas, Esq.

The Center for Dispute Solutions provides an intense training that is beneficial for individuals that plan to mediate in either court or private setting.  Dr. Voyles created a unique model that is practical and life changing to those seeking services.  If I had the option to do it all over again, I would select his training every time.

Magaen H.

This program was excellent.  The structure worked very well and while I am nervous, I feel like I can do a mediation and that my skills will grow.  The communication and conflict skills were useful.  The practicum was great at showing styles I preferred or not.  The roleplaying was so helpful in showing me what I did not know and by the end of training I was much more confident.  Rick and Rebecca were great teachers. 

Melana Dickson

Really enjoyed Dr. Voyles class.  Very engaging.  Helped me understand and resolve my own conflict.


This class and style will exceed your thoughts and expectations of mediation.  It opens your eyes and thought process of conflict and how to deal with it and resolve it.  Rick’s style and personality is welcoming.  He really makes you feel open to ask questions and making sure you understand the material.  

Shayla Cummings

Dr. Rick Voyles’ civil mediation training taught me a new viewpoint on mediation and the techniques available to assist the parties in settling their disputes.  The techniques are also very useful in personal life.  Great training!

Nicole Rogers

I enjoyed the class and Dr. Voyles did a good job at keeping the material interesting.  He is very good at explaining and answering questions.  He took pride in making sure that the class was of high quality.

Sandra Barrett

I wish I had taken this wonderful training years ago.

Laurant Ditmann

The training was amazing.  I learned a completely new process of dispute resolution.

Dr. Voyles’ impeccable approach to mediation calls for the highest ethical standards, keeping in mind the client’s self-determination, their ability/capacity to negotiate, and insuring their needs are respected and valued.

This training was extremely through.  It provided me with the tools that I need to start the process of pursuing a career in this area.

Angelique Edwards

I have done numerous mediations as an attorney.  I had no idea about some of the valuable techniques I learned in this course.  If I never serve as a mediator, the course was worth the money to make me a better advocate for my clients in mediation.

Edward Hartness

This training was extremely well done.  It will be of great value in many interactions both personally and professionally.

Annie Garry, LCSW

After taking the General and Civil Mediation Course at The Center for Dispute Solutions, I believe Dr. Rick Voyles and his teaching colleague Rebecca Zimmerman have provided some of the most effective, well-designed and relevant training I have received in over 30 years in both the military and private industry. As a practicing Arbitrator, the Mediation course was significantly important to me in increasing my awareness of the definitive differences in the two styles of ADR and ensuring I could practice Mediation with the same confidence and effectiveness I have after 9 years of conducting Arbitrations.

Ed Davidson, ACIArb

I knew that by taking the class on resolving conflict would help me to help children and their parents resolve their differences, and build better communication between them.  The in-depth knowledge and techniques that I learned on how to manage and resolve conflict will propel me in my efforts to work with families.  The professional background, knowledge and skill on the subject of conflict held by facilitator Dr. Rick Voyles prepared me to excel in my work with families and in my personal relationships as well.  What mattered the most from taking these classes under Dr. Voyles was the individualized attention that he provided giving me the confidence that I needed to move forward and do well.

Blanche B. Clayton, Business Owner

This was an excellent training course.  Dr. Rick Voyles was clear with his instruction and demonstrations.  The class was very interactive and kept me involved the entire time.  I appreciate how Dr. Voyles made himself approachable and available to the class.  It created an environment that was comfortable and personal enough to learn with ease…and actually enjoy it!

Thank you so much, Dr. Voyles, for offering such a great course, that was both economical and compatible with my busy schedule.  The skills that I learned in this course will be with me in every area of my life and I am excited to use them!

Chastity Jones

I decided to take this class with Dr. Rick after considering other options.  At first when I came in to class, I didn’t know what to expect but I was very surprised by the warm welcome and smiles I received from the first day until today which was my last day.  All I can say, choosing to take this class with Dr. Rick was the best choice.  He is a professional at how he handles and conducts everything – and to add, he was very warm, welcoming, easy to talk to and this gave me a great time in the whole training.

His classes are very engaging and the atmosphere set by his warmness (if that is a word) is just perfect.  Let me mention that due to the comfortable environment he has created, I was able to make new friends and at the end of it all, I feel successful because of him.  I have a better understanding of mediation and now I can financially be a registered and good mediator thanks to him.  This class was really fun and I will recommend it to anyone and everyone.  It was by far a good experience.  Thank you so much Dr. Rick.

Sally Ruhiu

I really enjoyed Dr. Rick’s mediation course and I learned a lot about effective communication skills.  His course teaches you to probe beyond the “surface needs” so that you can really help people resolve conflicts in an effective way.  He also spends a good deal of time helping each mediator determine which style of mediation works best for them and he provides constructive criticism to help you improve  your mediation technique.  I will definitely recommend this course to both attorneys and non-attorneys.

M. Benson

I highly recommend the Mediator Training Class taught by Dr. Rick Voyles. He keeps everyone involved and has the course laid out so well that not only is it very interesting but time flies by. Without a doubt you will learn new skills in his class that will help in your personal life and career whether you ever decide to use your new skills as a Mediator professionally or not. This class was well worth the investment.

Cynthia Johnston

I was not expecting to learn much, I was pleasantly shocked at how much we all really learned & how good a teacher Dr. Voyles was.

Allison Ledford

I’ve been involved in various trainings throughout my career and have generally walked away feeling somewhat frustrated. It seems we are presented the theory of how a concept is to work, but very little mechanics as to how to implement the concept. The Mediator Training program I attended met that need. I feel the role plays, the opportunity to discuss..”what if’s,” “how could we..?,” the videos, and Dr. Voyles’ presentation were excellent. I would recommend this program without hesitation.

Cliff Morgan



Grace Lynis



Rebecca Zimmerman


Travoria Robinson

As an attorney and facilitator, I constantly attend CLE seminars and certification courses. Dr. Rick’s mediation training was, by far, the most enjoyable and useful certification workshop I have ever attended. I would encourage anyone considering mediation training to attend his class. Your skills, and life, will be greatly enriched by his experience, teaching style, and knowledge.

Alvin S. Albert

The Mediator Training was truly an insight as to what mediation really is and how this process works in helping many industries avoid or limit costly legal fees.

Jane Hughes