Hi, I'm Dr. Rick Voyles

I am a professional mediator.  The primary focus of my practice is helping couples get divorced: with attorneys, without attorneys, contested or uncontested.  I write, review and modify parenting plans that can protect you and your children.

I am a parent coordinator working with high conflict co-parents to navigate them through their co-parenting conflicts. 

I co-host a podcast called "Co-parent Dilemmas" with Diane Derks where we offer practical solutions for dealing with that impossible co-parent.


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Clarity Statement

We provide effective solutions as a productive way out of any dispute.

Empathy Statement

I understand the frustration and fear you feel when people  put you and your family in a stressful, even expensive conflict . You're not alone and there is a way out.

Authority Statement

I've worked with divorce and co-parenting issues for over 25 years to make sure people do not make decisions that will hurt them for the rest of their life. 

Books by Dr. Rick Voyles

Understanding Conflict

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The Understanding Trap

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Understanding Conflict: A Resource for the Military Family

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