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Co-parenting experts Diane Dierks and Rick Voyles answer listener questions and talk about a variety of complex topics facing co-parents today.



There are three co-parenting styles available to co-parents. 
One style puts children's mental and emotional health in perpetual risk. 
Two styles promote the mental and emotional health of your children equally. 
You Get To Choose.


Can Do a Cooperative Style of


Use a Parallel Style of Co-parenting


Continue in a Conflict Style of

Frequently Asked Questions (what do parents ask?)

My co-parent isn’t reliable. He sometimes picks up the children and other times he cancels. What do I say to my child when she is disappointed that her dad isn’t committed to time with her?

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What do I do when the other parent tells the kids everything about the divorce, including lies about me?

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When is it the right time to introduce my kids to a new significant other?

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What age does my child have to be to decide who he wants to live with?

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 Resource Library

Do You Need:
DIY Divorce Forms from Metro Atlanta County Courts?
Examples of Good (and Bad) parenting plans?
Sample paragraphs for specific difficult situations?

-- Right of First Refusal
-- Final Decision Making
-- Access to School Records
-- Relocation
-- Dispute Resolution
-- Parenting Time
 And much, much more...