What Do I Get For My Investment?

All GODR approved mediation trainings are required to teach the mediation process. So, what makes your class different? 

This course integrates the mediation process with the unique perspective of how conflict actually works. This training looks at how the 6 mediation process steps coordinate perfectly with the mechanics of conflict dynamics. This additional perspective will enhance your ability to apply the skills you learn to both your professional and personal relationships.

What will I get from this training?

1) Georgia requires two certificates to apply to be a mediator. This training will provide you with both certificates. Every GODR approved course provides you with this.

As a participant in Dr. Rick Voyles' Mediator Training you will also gain:

2) Access to his 25 years of mediator experience in multiple areas of specialty including: EEOC disputes, Workplace disputes, Juvenile cases, Special Education cases, Magistrate Court cases, Divorce cases, Landlord Tenant cases, Church conflict, Family conflict and Business disputes.

3) Access to his 30 years of research studying conflict and his comprehensive model of how conflict works.

4) Access to his extensive business experience and resources for building and expanding your mediation practice.

5) Free access to sit-in on future General/Civil Mediation Training modules to refresh your understanding of the mediation process steps.

Before you pay for any mediation training you should ask:

- will I get techniques to deal with high conflict clients and emotional parties? Yes!

- will you be available as a resource after the class? Yes!

- will I have a chance to practice and develop my skills with you? Yes!

- will you show me how to create effective and lasting resolutions? Yes!

- will I learn more than just communication skills for addressing conflict? Yes!

- will you show me how conflict works outside of legal disputes? Yes!

- will you show me ways to apply these skills across multiple disciplines? Yes!

- will you help me identify a niche? Yes!

- will you show me where the money is in mediation? Yes!

- will you show me how to get started? Yes!

- does the trainer have a mediation practice using what is taught? Yes!

- once successfully completed, will I be able to return to this class for free to review what I learned? Yes!