General/Civil Mediation and Practicum

March 3-5 & 10-12, 2023

$1,050.00 (save $200) Extra Early-bird   
Discount ends Feb 3, 2023  

$1,150.00 (save $100) Early-bird
Discount ends Feb 17, 2023

$1,250.00 Registration

**Weekend Schedule — Fri, 5:30-9:30 pm, Sat, 8-5, Sun, 8-5 
For Two Weekends

Extra Early-bird

Ends Feb 3 


Early-bird Registration

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Starts Feb 16   


Frequently Asked Questions

1) One FAQ I get is: Why are your prices so much lower? Is something missing from the course content? No. Approved trainers for the State of Georgia are required to address specific and approved content. Any course you take with any trainer approved by GODR will have to cover the exact same topics. What you will get from my course is my 25 years of mediation experience, both as a mediator and as a business owner.

2) So why do you charge so much less? Because so many of the people who seek out this training are looking for a new start. Many times it is because of difficulties related to this economy. It makes no sense to me that while things are getting harder for so many, prices seem to keep going in the wrong direction. Excellent mediation training does not have to be expensive.

3) How long will it be after the training before judges call me to mediate? Unfortunately it rarely works like that. After getting on GODR’s mediators list, do not expect to have people calling you with cases. I recommend you think of yourself like a small business owner, and just like new attorneys out of law school, you will have to build your own practice. Fortunately, I have over 25 years of business building experience and can help.

4) Will I be on my own after the training? No. Those who train with me are connected to me. I make myself available to help with questions about your success: What are the newest trends? Where can the most money be made in this field? What areas of specialty are opening up? What are the best marketing practices? How can I get my name out there? What should I put on my business card? I have years of experience at your disposal.